Anita Whittingham - Essential oils teacher | How being accountable helped me reach my goal weight
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How being accountable helped me reach my goal weight

In January聽this year I started a facebook group called Good one babe. This is the groups description:

This group is for members to share a goal/s with the group and use the group to keep accountable. What have you done today to work towards your goal?

Feel free to share workouts, favourite websites, apps, gym classes, recipes, food pics, anything to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you’ve eaten a brownie today and want to make a confession feel free to do that too. No judgement here just encouragement.

My goal was to trim down my baby weight so I could wear a GBomb wetsuit surfing in Waikiki in May. My goal weight was 54kg. I started the facebook group at the end of January weighing 62kgs. So I lost 8kgs in just under 4 months whilst breastfeeding. Healthy weightloss. 馃檪

I found that by stating my goal and using the group to keep myself accountable that I DID achieve it.

Most聽Sundays I would post my proposed exercise plan for the week, then each day I would post my food and exercise diary with food pics. When I started taking photos of my food I noticed the food was very brown. There wasn’t much greens and there certainly wasn’t a rainbow. Realising this made me start adding more greens to my meals and eating more of a rainbow. I also found that by posting my food diary online I didn’t want to eat any junk food as that would mean I had to include it in my food diary and I didn’t want to do that. As a result I mostly ate clean unprocessed wholefoods. I also used聽my Sunday night exercise plan as a checklist and added ticks to each workout as I completed it. It was a real buzz & motivating to see heaps of ticks.

Having the support of the other ladies in the group also聽helped聽me be accountable. I heard Tara Bliss, a beautiful inspirational leader, recently say that “social accountability is a real thing. It creates leverage. It builds energy. A communal energy is created when you share your desires”. So true!!!!!!

So I’ve been thinking about how I can motivate and inspire others to either reach their goal weight or create a healthy exercise habit. I’m starting a 4 week Be Accountable Move Everyday challenge.聽It’s free 馃檪 so join the event on facebook ,tag your friends and ensure your notifications for the event are turned on to ‘all notifications’ if you want a daily reminder. Why wait until the start of the month?! The challenge will start this Monday the 17th October. Be prepared to state your intended exercise plan for the week on Sunday the 16th October.

I never did end up buying a GBomb wetsuit for Hawaii but I was so happy surfing in a bikini everyday. I’ve learnt to embrace my body curves and all. It’s not perfect but after 5 failed IVF attempts and a miscarriage, my body grew & birthed a human being. It is freakin’ incredible! 馃檪

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