Anita Whittingham - Essential oils teacher | My Meditation story
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My Meditation story

I started meditating late September 2014 after I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. We had been through 5 failed IVF cycles and 1 miscarriage. Every medical test came back normal. We had unexplained infertility. It was so frustrating not knowing what was wrong. Living in 2 week blocks. Not being able to plan snowboarding holidays in case the next cycle worked. Not knowing if I was ever going to have a baby. Being a Virgo and a big planner this was really hard not being able to control something I really really really wanted. I received my mantra from my teacher Matt Ringrose from Bondi Meditation centre and started meditating twice a day for 20 mins. So instead of waking up early to give myself IVF injections I was waking up early to sit upright in bed and repeat my mantra in my head. My mantra is a word/ vibration. It is a secret. Matt told me I’m not allowed to tell anyone my mantra. Not even my husband knows it. This type of meditation is called transcendental or vedic meditation. In this time Brett and I decided we were going to take a few months off IVF, go snowboarding in Japan in December and then try again in January. Well lucky for us in my second month of meditating I got pregnant naturally. I also started eating fermented veggies in this time so I think  it was a combination of improving my gut health and de-stressing that helped me get pregnant. So now I am a big believer in the mind, body, spirit connection. After having it work first hand for me when so many other things didn’t.


I continued meditating throughout my pregnancy and we cancelled our trip to Japan but after giving birth to my beautiful miracle rainbow baby, Isabella, I found it hard to get back into meditating. Life was awesome. I was enjoying all the baby cuddles and hanging out with Bella. Watching her learn to sit up, then crawl and walk. So many magical moments. Summertime in Bondi was paradise and filled with mums and bubs exercise classes by the beach, surf swaps, swim swaps, soul mama circles, mothers group, playgroup, lunch catch-ups with friends, sleeping when bubba slept, feeding on demand and just general bliss. I wanted this lifestyle to continue forever.


A few months later  I discovered an opportunity that could make it all possible. My wildest dreams can come true. Simply by sharing these incredible gifts of the earth that have been so life changing for me and teaching others how they can become empowered using natural solutions. And so I dove right into building a doTERRA essential oils business. I stayed up late reading books, watching videos on YouTube and learning heaps. I was super excited and inspired. For 7 months I followed all the steps to sharing the oils, inviting people to classes, teaching classes, following up, etc, etc. My business was slowly growing and I was growing, making mistakes and learning along the way. But things weren’t really flowing with ease. I started to wonder if I was on the right path and also thinking “I should start meditating again”.


A teaching I learnt last month from someone who inspires me very much is about the 3 stages of conscious creation: Knowing, Trusting, Embodying. I know about the law of attraction. I know that meditation is good for me. I know that meditation helps clear my mind and releases stress. I know all these things and yet I don’t do them…… And so I committed to start meditating again. It’s been just over a month now and I’m building up the trust again. I’m starting to have more clarity and focus. I’m not perfect though. Initially I was just putting my alarm on for 7am and doing one meditation in the morning (whilst co-sleeping and breastfeeding). Then I discovered Belinda Davidson and her chakra cleanse that I have been doing in the evenings. But I often fall asleep so I try to do them in the afternoon now. I also signed up for Marie Forleo’s B School through Gabby Bernstein’s affiliate link and received a whole bunch of meditation/ yoga/ spiritual courses from her that I have been working through. So now I have learnt a few new meditations that I love. The one I shared today on Instagram and Facebook, the Subtle Bodies meditation, is becoming a favourite.


And so now I need to practice meditating to see some proof and start trusting the process again. I already see the proof everyday when I look at my daughter. But now I need to apply this to my business.


I know the incredible healing powers of doTERRA essential oils. I know the heart and soul of doTERRA. I know that if I continue to share these oils from a place of love and service that the generous compensation plan will take care of me. So I need to remain consistent in meditating to embody my truth. I will use my practice to remind myself of my magnificence. To break down my limiting beliefs and raise my vibration.    


This is where I am at now. On a journey of helping others achieve their dreams. Co-creating my dream life through sharing products I love. It is a great place to be. Unlike the situation I was in when I was struggling to get pregnant and not knowing if I was ever going to have a baby. Now I know without a doubt that if I continue to take inspired action that I will become a diamond. It is only a matter of time. And if it takes 1 year or 5 years will it matter? Absolutely not. Forward is forward. It doesn’t matter the pace. And so I will continue to meditate, learn, teach & inspire others. And enjoy the journey. And trust the process.   

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