Anita Whittingham - Essential oils teacher | Who else is a planner?
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Hello, I am planner

Who else is a planner?

I love planning! From planning my week’s activities. To planning holidays with full itineraries. Planning car trips with the roads I’m going to take. Planning my meals for the week & my shopping list. I am a planner. I’m not perfect. As a busy mum sometimes I let things slide but for the most part I like to have an idea of what’s ahead.

As you can imagine when I was pregnant, my interest in planning continued. I planned Bella’s birth. I even created a playlist of music for labour. I think my interest in planning comes from my fear of being unprepared or inefficient. This lead me to buy things for Bella to be prepared ‘just in case’ she got sick. Just in case she got a fever. Just in case she got a nappy rash.

And so I purchased things like Sudocream and panadol for babies….just in case. My fear of not having the rights things to take care of her continued when she was born and I thought it would be good to learn more about home remedies so I could take care of her naturally. I enrolled in my acupuncturist’s course A to Z home remedies for childrens health and learnt about the tools of Chinese medicine. This was enlightening and I started to feel empowered with the tools and knowledge to care for Bella ‘just in case’ she got sick. I purchased some Chinese Herbs and a Tiger Warmer just so I was prepared and ready. I made changes to Bella’s diet cutting out damp food when she was a snotface. Essential oils were mentioned in this course a few times for various ailments. This is what piqued my interest initially.

Since using essential oils for natural home remedies, I’ve realised they’ve helped me with my need to be a planner and my fear of being unprepared. I feel empowered knowing I can treat Bella naturally with my ‘potions’ for all kinds of things. The tub of sudocream has never been opened. Neither has the baby panadol. I love being the natural healer in our family and reaching for an essential oil as the first point of call. I feel prepared and I love that feeling. No matter what comes up, I know there is an oil for that. The essential oils that I use are 100% pure therapeutic grade. They work perfectly within our bodies and are absolutely life changing on so many levels.

So if you’re pregnant or a new mum or even if you’re just a planner like me and like being prepared, then you will love being empowered with essential oils and become the natural healer in your home.
I have a few classes coming up where you can learn more. You choose how you learn best. Face to face, a Facebook class, a go at your own pace online course or an email series. I would LOVE to come and teach a class for you in the comfort of your own home. You choose. It brings me so much joy receiving messages from other mums in my tribe about how the oils have helped. I would love to support you too.
Register for one of my classes here
I look forward to meeting you and supporting you to integrate essential oils into your daily life.
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