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Purefumes with the Home Essentials Kit and Wild Orange

Most synthetic perfumes contain phthalates (endocrine disrupting chemicals). These can wreck havoc on our hormones that are responsible for sending messages to most of our body systems as well as managing our metabolism and reproductive system. After struggling with unexplained infertility for 4 years I don’t want anything messing with my hormones. If you’re struggling to get pregnant or lose weight it may be an idea to look at the toxic chemicals you are being exposed to everyday.

Whenever you see the word ‘fragrance’ on an air freshener, personal care product or cleaning product, there is a 99.9% chance it contains pthalates. Here are some non-toxic perfume replacements I love wearing using 100% pure essential oils. I like to call them PUREFUMES.

Here are some ideas for essential oil cologne blends for men that you can make up in a rollerbottle as a gift.

Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?!!!! That’s right a gorgeous, delicious purefume made by me with love. Yesterday I had some labels made up at Officeworks to make them look nice and pretty. Feel free to use my labels. 

It costs about $1.30 for a rollerbottle, $1.60 for the fractionated coconut oil, 6 cents per drop of Lavender, 34 cents per drop of Frankincense and a few cents  for a label. So for between $3-5 you can make something really lovely and thoughtful. Plus its really fun mixing up oils and making blends and potions. Especially as your oil collection starts growing.

Here are some purefume blends using some other oils including some of the blends from the Mood Management Kit which I adore.

And here’s a little video I made about my favourite purefumes. Enjoy 🙂

So where do you get these oils?

If you’d like to get started with these amazing, 100% pure oils that are ethically and sustainably sourced from their indigenous habitat around the world check out this post.

You will receive a bottle of Wild Orange as part of your welcome gift from me.

If you enjoyed these recipes and idea for thoughtful Christmas gifts please share on social media. And if you haven’t already got my free ebook. Super Simple DIY recipes using the Home Essentials Kit, get it here. 

With love and joy,



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