Anita Whittingham - Essential oils teacher | About Anita Whittingham, essential oils teacher, mum & fit foodie
Anita loves sharing her knowledge of essential oils with others and empowering mums with natural solutions and home remedies. She teaches you how to boost your wellness and detoxify your life. Learn how to create a natural first aid kit and medicine cabinet.
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A fit foodie with a huge passion for exercise, healthy treats and sharing healthy habits

Hi beautiful,


My name is Anita Whittingham and I live in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. I’m married to Brett and we have a beautiful miracle rainbow baby, Isabella, who was born in August 2015. After 4 years of trying to get pregnant, 1 miscarriage and 5 failed IVF cycles, I got pregnant naturally in my second month of meditating. I am so grateful for every day with my gorgeous bubba.


Exercising and keeping fit is very important to me. I do home workouts using the TERRAFIT Advantage portal so I can workout at times that suit me. I LOVE their kickboxing workouts!!!! They also have high intensity interval training (HIIT) with a mixture of strength training using dumbbells and cardio. Check this out for more info on TERRAFIT. 


I also like to surf and coordinate the Bondi Surfing Mums group and I am also a member of the Bondi girls surf riders. On the weekends when hubby is home to mind Bella I like to getaway to a yoga class at the Dharma Shala, North Bondi.


I love food and have always had an interest in cooking and nutrition, but since having a baby I have to be smarter about meal planning as it’s just not possible for me to cook dinner every night. So I usually double batch and cook every second night. We also use the dinner ladies* for some handy wholesome freezer meals. We started baby led weaning when Bella was 6 months old and she pretty much eats whatever we eat. I like cooking nutrient dense meals with heaps of veggies and flavour. I am also a cacao-aholic and love healthy treats.


My essential oil adventure started in May, 2016, when Bella was 8 months old and she got her first cold. She was finding it very hard to breathe whilst breastfeeding and sounded like Darth Vader. A friend suggested 2 dōTERRA oil blends, EasyAir & OnGuard. I diffused these oils together and within 24 hours Bella’s breathing had improved tremendously. Since then we purchased a Home Essentials kit and I have been discovering new uses for the oils everyday. I am loving experimenting with the oils in my cooking, making homemade personal care and cleaning products and using the oils to improve my mood. I organically started sharing my new interest in essential oils with my friends because I was so excited and couldn’t stop talking about them. In July 2016 I decided to start my own business and am absolutely loving being able to share what I’m learning with others to empower them with natural solutions. I attract raving oil fans and am excited to share this adventure with you.


I have a Science degree, a Graduate Diploma in Education and a colourful history of jobs ranging from working as a travel consultant in London, working in a few ski resorts (Perisher, Steamboat (Colorado) & Whistler (Canada)), working in home loan customer service at HSBC & Macquarie Bank and my most recent career has been a high school maths teacher and head of department but since having my beautiful bubba I just want to spend every day with her. She is part of the reason why I am building this business. My husband is part of my ‘why’ too as my love language is quality time so I’d love to have the time freedom to spend time together doing fun stuff. My goal is to build this business to the highest level whilst maintaining a balanced life. I believe in the power of the essential oils, dŌTERRA’s values and business model and the compensation plan. I am ready to run and am looking for 4 people to run with me.

Why do I use dōTERRA essential oils?

  1. They let me have fun and get creative in the kitchen and make me feel like I’m on Masterchef.
  2. They give me natural remedies for myself and my family so as a breastfeeding mum I am empowered with natural solutions & I don’t have to feel guilty giving my baby antibiotics or synthetic meds.
  3. They give me cheap non-toxic cleaning solutions that makes me feel reassured that I’m minimising our exposure to toxic hormone disruptors and chemical cocktails.
  4. They give me the flexibility to work from home so I can balance my time to exercise every day and feel fit and healthy as well as care for my bubba.
  5. They make me feel excited about the future as they give me the potential to be financially abundant so that I can help others achieve their dreams and goals.

I’d love to share with you how essential oils can enhance your wellness and detoxify your life. Get in touch so we can connect and I can suggest what oils may suit your needs.



*Use my referral codeRAW702238012082 to get $25 off your first order with the dinner ladies.

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